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WE DID IT!  How amazing to receive and incredible donation that allowed us to double the space of 2 dorms and increase the size of dining room and include tables and benches so everyone has a seat and space for meals, studies and assembly.  Very special to see all 700 girls together at the assembly we attended in February 2024.


dining hall beforenew hall
Washroom BeforeWashroom After

More After Photos

We have also assisted the Grace Nanana School (head mistress Priscilla Nanguri started the Bride Rescue program at AIC Kajiado School so many years ago) – with some renovations to her school in Kajiado Townsite.

We are always amazed how much Priscilla has done AFTER she was to retire!  Quite a woman with a huge heart!

After an intense review of our purpose and what we have accomplished over the past number of years,  we are focussed on how we want to move forward within the scope and limitations of our fundraising capacity. This led us to a revitalized, mission, vision, and value statement.  It is difficult to manage our emotional attachment towards helping as many girls as possible while recognizing our financial constraints. To this end, the board has decided to focus on supporting the girls in obtaining an education up to grade 12 education and as funds permit, we will support as many as we can in their post-secondary endeavors. We will maintain supporting girls at AIC Kajiado School as we have done for 25 years, however, we have expanded our reach to other disadvantaged girls attending in other schools in Kenya such as Grace Nanana School above. We have now completed our amalgamation of Friends of AIC Kajiado Society into Beyond Bride Rescue Foundation to reflect our support for girls in many areas of Kenya, not just Kajiado. Please know we haven’t changed a thing in what we are doing, just simplifying and focusing… thank you for coming along with us!

Ongoing Projects:  Providing the rescue girls directly with school supplies, uniforms and school fees as far as they would like to go in their education.   Providing mosquito nets and sanitary supplies to keep the girls healthy.

Skills Up Training!  

This newly proposed program comes from Rotary members in Nairobi and dear friends of the rescue girls.  They saw the need of this program by spending time at AIC Kajiado School and realized they girls have come to the school from a mud hut eating cornmeal and herding goats.  They have not had parents to teach them basic skills.  We feel this program will give them life skills that cannot necessarily be learned from a book.

Won’t you help us get this program started and lift up these very deserving girls?

With Special Thanks to:

  • Rotary Calgary Downtown/Karengata Nairobi for their kind donation to provide toilets and showers that have been added to the girls dorms so they do not have to leave their dorms, especially at night.
  • A special someone for an amazing donation to help alleviate the crowding at the AIC Kajiado Girls School.  We have completed renovating some of the dorms to add more bunk beds allowing the girls a more restful sleep (often they are 2 to a mattress 4 to a double decker bunk bed) and have added space to the dining hall which is not only used for meals but for general assembly and classroom purposes.
  • A special family for their continued support in providing school fees for many girls AND the first 5 University Graduates!  Yes we are so proud of our new lawyer, 3 teachers and a procurement officer – all supported by Friends of AIC Kajiado Girls School Society and Beyond Bride Rescue Foundation
  • You And the Nature Encounters Tours & Travel guests to assist in our regular projects include providing school fees, uniforms, books and supplies for the rescue girls.

If you feel you want to contribute to any of the projects above, it would be greatly appreciated!

Asante… Thank you…

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