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About Us

Beyond Bride Rescue Foundation was initially established from one generous donation in 2021 and has now amalgamated with its sister foundation, Friends of Kajiado Girls School Society who we have been supporting since 1994!   BBRF works closely with several schools, in particular, AIC Kajiado Girls School, a boarding school south of Nairobi, which accommodates approximately 700 students mostly from the Maasai community.  The Bride Rescue Program rescues young Kenyan girls from harmful cultural practices such as female genital mutilation (circumcision) and early forced marriage which is quite common, as the fathers, uncles or brothers will receive a dowry of cows or money, in exchange for marrying their young girls off.   With the help of the Bride Rescue Program these girls arrive to the school on their own accord and receive an education which empowers them for a better life and lifts up their village or community… very powerful!

Our Mission:
The Beyond Bride Rescue Foundation, through education and support, provides disadvantaged Kenyan girls and young women with opportunities for a better tomorrow.

Our vision is to provide a pathway through education for girls and young women, to pursue their personal life goals, thereby creating a brighter and more equitable future which leads to stronger families and communities.

Education Equal access to educational opportunities ensures girls and young women can achieve their career and personal goals.
Personal safety Girls have the fundamental right to freedom from gender-based violence.
Equality Opportunity for girls and young women allows them to live their lives with choice and dignity.
Community Strength Gender equality strengthens communities

Board Members

Carol Petersen

It is hard to believe that 2024 will represents 25th years of supporting rescued girls at AIC Kajiado Girls School, Kenya. I will never forget getting a hug from the then Head Mistress Priscilla Nguri and being welcomed into their hearts. Over the years, many of you have visited the girls and have spread the word about their situation. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this support as we could not do it without you. To those that have not met the girls but trust us to care for these young ladies… thank you too. You have no idea what a difference all of you have made in changing these girls lives and in turn, their communities. I have seen girls arrive with no shoes, such sad eyes, emotionally and physically exhausted. They are immediately loved, and it isn’t long before they begin to shine – singing… playing games… working hard at their studies. It’s pretty incredible what in impact love makes. 

Victoria Buhler

Victoria lives with her family in Vancouver and was first introduced to the girls when planning her first trip to Kenya in 2014 with Carol as her guide. It was a trip of a lifetime celebrating milestone birthdays with her mother.  Meeting the girls was a special moment and she has been involved with them ever since, soon after Carol asked her to join the board.  Victoria went back to Kenya with her family in 2018 and was proud to show the school and the girls to her husband and children. She hopes to continue being involved for years to come.

Dianne Cully

I have been a member of the board of the Friends of Kajiado Girls School for 5 years.  I am retired and live in Calgary, and I have been happy to donate time to helping with this amazing organization.

I first went to Africa in 2000 with Carol Petersen and Nature Encounters Tours and Travel, and I was immediately completely captivated by the land, the incredible wildlife, and the lovely people.  On my second trip with Carol, I went to Kenya, and while there, visited the Kajiado Girls School.  It was an experience that truly touched my heart.  We took many much-needed school and personal items to the girls at the school, thanks to many generous donations to the Friends of Kajiado charity.   The girls were so incredibly grateful for everything that they received.  I was overwhelmed with their positive attitude in the midst of very stressful life situations.  They were very excited and happy to talk with Carol’s group of visitors.  I will never forget the look on the face of one little girl of about 6 years of age when she received her first pair of shoes.  She was thrilled beyond measure.

I have since had the privilege of organizing several fundraisers for the school in Calgary.  Each one has been successful, thanks to the generous support of many kind and caring individuals.    I am always so impressed by the willingness of strangers to help young women who are hungry for education and what they see as a better life.

Sheri MacMillan

Sheri’s path to the Beyond Bride Rescue Foundation was paved by her admiration for the conservation of the orphaned elephants in Kenya and the resilience these precious animals have, a trait she saw reflected in the spirited girls of the AIC Kaijiado School. Her initial visit, sparked by her passion for wildlife, blossomed into a deep commitment to combat forced child marriage in Kenya through educational empowerment.

Joining the board in 2023, Sheri has already transcended traditional financial roles, focusing on amplifying awareness and championing the right of every girl to shape her future. Motivated by her affection for the girls and a firm belief in education’s transformative potential, she is determined to broaden the foundation’s impact and confront the cultural practices underpinning child marriage and female circumcision.

As the CEO and owner of MacMillan Estate Planning, Sheri leverages her strategic expertise for social justice, driving change with her visionary leadership. Her philanthropic efforts for the orphaned elephants in Kenya in addition to advocating for girls’ education underscores a journey marked by compassion and a testament to the power of dedicated individuals to inspire hope and effectuate change.

Deborah Mitchell 

New to the board in 2024, she has not met the girls but knows the difference she can make.

Chris Nicolls

The opportunity to give back in a small way to create equity for all people, But especially females. I believe all children should be well educated and should have the freedom to live the life that they choose.

Our Kenya Team is MAGIC!

Hellen Inoti has been a teacher at AIC Kajiado Girls School and coordinator for the Bride Rescue Program.  She has retired from teaching to head up our Kenya Team to do what she does best… love and care for the “sisters”.  Hellen will be working in the same manner with the administration and teaching team at AIC Kajiado School but she will also be working in the community helping to rescue more girls and addressing the needs of the girls who wish to continue their education.  We are so grateful for her hard work, passion and commitment.  We could not do this most needed work without her.
Samson Muriethi is a safari guide by trade but to us so much more.  He has been a positive male presence to the rescue girls and assists Hellen and Carol with everything from shopping and delivering supplies to working with construction companies on projects.
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