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Celebrating 25 years

It is hard to believe that 2024 will represents 25th years of supporting rescued girls at AIC Kajiado Girls School, Kenya. I will never forget getting a hug from the then Head Mistress Priscilla Nguri and being welcomed into their hearts. Over the years, many of you have visited the girls and have spread the word about their situation. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this support as we could not do it without you. To those that have not met the girls but trust us to care for these young ladies… thank you too. You have no idea what a difference all of you have made in changing these girls lives and in turn, their communities. I have seen girls arrive with no shoes, such sad eyes, emotionally and physically exhausted. They are immediately loved, and it isn’t long before they begin to shine – singing… playing games… working hard at their studies. It’s pretty incredible what in impact love makes.

As we recover from the impact of the pandemic, we are most grateful for your significant gifts – one in particular which funded major improvements to Kajiado School with a new dining hall including benches and tables as well as renovations to 2 dorms to increase the student capacity. We also recognize the Rotary Clubs of Calgary and Nairobi who continue to give generously in support including dormitory improvements, showers and toilets. The support of our revised mission could not be accomplished without all your gifts and donations. No matter the size of your gift it does make a positive impact on the lives of girls and young women being supported. I personally take your support very seriously and with our devoted board, we work hard to ensure every penny is going where it should by regular visits and assistance from our Kenyan team on the ground. Thank you on behalf of all the girls and young women whom you have benefited!

Carol Petersen Founding Director and owner of Nature Encounters Tours & Travel of which so many guests have been a huge support to Friends of Kajiado Society and Beyond Bride Rescue Foundation.

Celebrating 25 Years

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